Alli is a UESCA Certified Running Coach, with experience running alongside marathoners and coaching inividuals to run a marathon in person and virtually. She has taken ownership fo the strength and conditioning part of training for all of the marathoners she coaches, as she truly believes in the holistic process outside of just the running. Alli is a Boston Marathon Qualifier with a PR of 3:21:41. She has run 5 marathoners herself, the most recent one being a Coach for a 54 year old man she trained to run a sub 4 hour marathon to achieve his PR. They finished in 3:55:21 this past November running the TCS 2018 NYC Marathon. To hear more about her journey, watch her YouTube video before the race and how confident she was in her runner! To get Coach Alli to help you run your next race, contact her here!

Run Coaching & Customized Marathon & Running Training Plans are available upon request. Please contact Alli at She will reply within 24-48 hours.