101 Tips For Interval Training | A Runner's Guide to Success

Interval training. What on earth is that?! It's frustrating when there is no material to direct us to places and people that can show us how to train properly. I'm here to provide you with that material to help you get what you both want and need!

There is more than just one single way to incorporate interval training into your training plan. It's difficult understanding where to begin without any guidance or direction. I hear ya! To change that, I've provided a few pointers below to help you understand how to appropriately begin to incorporate this type of training.

Top 3 101 Tips for Starting Interval Training

1) Be sure to incorporate interval training, otherwise known as interval workouts, into those training runs, or workouts strategically. For example, if the goal of the workout is to boost that threshold pace, or to tone that body, you need an interval workout that makes sense. A sample interval running workout is: 2 miles for a warm up, 4x100m sprints with 15s of rest between each, then 2 miles for that recovery jog. If running isn't an option, defer to 2 & 3 below.

2) Don't overdo it! Unsure of how many interval workouts to include? No worries. Just ask! Quality over quantity matters. Always.

3) Group fitness is a great way to incorporate interval training. Any HIIT class, or Bootcamp does the job! Not sure where to take a class? You can be the class superstar with me right here! OR you can also join me in one of my classes, or one of the many rockstar instructors right here in Brooklyn, NY at Chalk Gyms! Furthermore, you can now join me at Lululemon Williamsburg on Sundays at 9:30AM! Snag you FREE spot here!

Interval training is an important component in any training plan. Whether those fitness goals are to tone, or to become a faster runner, interval training allows your body to use power, speed and endurance appropriately while simultaneously shedding excess body fat as a result! Two benefits from one type of training? That's a win-win!



Coach Alli

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