I am a UESCA Certified Running Coach, with experience running alongside marathoners and coaching individuals to run a marathon both in person and virtually. I have taken ownership for the strength and conditioning part of the training process for all of the marathoners that I  coach. I truly believe that part of what it means to be a Coach is being able to be a part of somebody else's entire journey, which is why I allow myself a certain number of 1:1 individuals I work with at a time. I work with a varied range of runners ranging from individuals working towards running a 10K to individuals working towards a 50K. 

I am a Boston Marathon Qualifier with a PR of 3:21:41. I have ran 7 marathons myself. To hear more about my Coaching journey thus far, please watch my YouTube video that was taken before the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon. I Coached my client Per throughout the entire 26.2 miles by his side to his PR! When you have time, check it out!

I am not currently taking on 1:1 running clients. If you are interested in coaching services, please reach out to me by clicking "Schedule a Consultation Call" below!

Group Run Coaching, Customized Marathon Training Plans and Customized Run Training Plans are available upon request. 



My 60-Minute 1:1 Sessions offer you a new and exciting approach to your training. I've developed my Personal Training Sessions from acquired knowledge gained from my certifications, experience as an industry professional both as a UESCA Certified Running Coach, NCSF CPT, NASM PES, TRX Specialist and Group Fitness HIIT Instructor. Furthermore, I've gained experience working with weight loss individuals with a fitness goal of getting toned, improving their conditioning and staying fit! I know that practice makes perfect, but there is no perfect… so keep practicing with me! Let's connect today! Email me by clicking on "Email Me for Inquiries" below!