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Alli's purpose is rooted in her passion for running and marathon running. She is always searching for new and improved ways to help other female runners run pain free at any level. 


Whether you're a seasoned runner, or a someone who wants to learn how to run, Alli's your go-to girl! Contact her to get started running your best life yet!  

Alli is a UESCA Certified Running Coach and a seasoned runner, Boston Qualifier, and marathoner. Alli holds various certifications that she's built upon to create her signature method for runners. These include: NCSF CPT, NASM PES, TRX, KB1, KB2 & CPR/AED.


Alli specializes in helping women at any level to learn how to run, or finding the best way to help each runner that she works with to stay injury free by applying her cross-training method to her programming for each client. Her method has been created by mixing science-backed research with her own personal experiences.


Today, she has successfully coached three female marathoners and one male runner to run a complete marathon using her signature approach! Their testimonials can be found here.  


If you're a female and you have any interest in running, but you might need some guidance, accountability, motivation, or all three, Alli is the Coach for you! Contact her today


Alli lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is a UESCA Certified Running Coach, an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Certified Group Instructor and an overall badass Group Fitness Instructor at Chalk Gyms, teaching Bootcamp, Spin, Conditioning and Abs. Additionally, she hosts bootcamps and wellness panels throughout the NYC area. She is a content creator and influencer for lifestyle, fitness and wellness brands. Her biggest sponsored brand is currently SnapBac, a Graduated Compression Garment that she wore while training and running for the TCS 2019 NYC Marathon. Alli has a passion for fitness like no other; she truly lives the lifestyle she preaches. Group Fitness fuels her passion, so much that she joins her classes with upbeat music and her energetic self while teaching.


Alli has been able to coach other female runners and marathoners, specializing on injury prevention and using her own cross-training method. Through science-backed data, her own personal setbacks and injuries that forced her to take a hiatus from running, she has established her foundation on this signature approach. Alli ensures that every individual she works with has a fully tailored, customized program to enable them to achieve their own fitness needs and goals. Alli has also recently partnered with Prehab USA, DPTs that specialize in preventive injury for runners. Alli worked with them throughout her training for the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon in addition to various other specialists consisting of Physical Therapists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Fitness Pros, Run Coaches and Alignment Specialists. . Last weekend, she had her comeback and ran the marathon, finishing with a person record of 03:22:01. Alli also qualified again for Boston, reclaiming her Boston Qualifier time for the 2021 Boston Marathon. 


Alli began her Instagram in 2014 as a way to share her passion and purpose for running and fitness with others. Initially, this was her side hustle that has now transpired into a part of her full-time position as a UESCA Certified Running Coach. For years, Alli struggled with being frustrated in a Corporate Digital Advertising 9-5 job because she didn't want to be sitting down for most of her days and working for someone else's success. She wanted to work on her schedule and had a vision to build her brand Runwithalli™️ into a business of her own.  It was on the 14th of September 2017 when she made the fearless leap, transitioning into a full-time fitness role. Since that day, she has only looked forward and consistently seen success from her unconditional dedication to her clients and her work.


Alli loves to learn from other trainers and professionals in the industry. She is a firm believer of staying on top of industry trends and applying those to her own practice. Alli  is always looking for new ways to enhance her programs for her clients and her group fitness classes.


Whether you're someone who is looking to make a sustainable change to your current fitness program, or someone who is looking to enhance their running performance, Alli can Coach you to get there. All inquiries to get in touch with Coach Alli will be accepted here.


I offer in-person and virtual coaching services to women nationwide. Whether your goal is to run pain free, to train for a specific race, to apply cross-training to your current running program, or to tone and lose excess body fat, I can work with you to create a program tailored to your specific fitness goals and needs!

RUNWITHALLI™️ Cross-training method

My Signature Cross-training workout challenges the muscle groups that aren't used while running! My 60-Minute Workout will help you to build endurance while also capitalizing on fat loss with my intervals, circuits, boxing and sculpting exercises, all inspired by my own running experiences and achievements!